About Me

black-suit-half-shot-hand-on-hipBetween 2 active children and being an army wife, LuSundra is a personal development specialist. She began marketing online in 2010, and began working from home in 2012. She experienced some success, earning thousands of dollars per month, and sometimes in a day; but not the type of success of which she knew she was capable.

Her mentors kept telling her that there was ‘something wrong’ with her, but nobody was helping her figure out what it was.  After hearing that several times and going through several vicious cycles of failure, she decided it was time to stop. In August 2014, she decided it was time to go to work… on herself. She read tons of books, attended seminars and workshops, and hired a coach. She discovered so much about herself, and realized that there are more people in the world just like her that need to know what she knows.
Now she is sharing all that she has learned to become the person she is now! She does not refer to herself as a success coach. She is a self-coach.  Her mission is to assist others in building a solid foundation of self on which to build your success. She is assisting people in ditching all the negative junk that is clogging their minds and spirits which is ultimately blocking their desired results. She is teaching others how to use their strengths and wield their own personal power to achieve their desired goals.