About Me


LuSundra is a tax professional specializing in the home business industry. She started in the home business industry in 2009. It was with that first tax return after being a home business owner that piqued her interest in tax preparation.

During her tax career, she has encountered numerous home business owners having trouble with taxes. She had enough of seeing her fellow Home Business owners earn money, only to get in trouble with the IRS. She has made it her personal mission to become YOUR Home Biz Tax Lady, to help home business owners understand what is going on with their tax situation and how to win the tax game!

Outside of tax season, LuSundra runs an ecommerce business and is a personal development specialist. Her mission is to assist others in building a solid foundation of self on which to build your success.

LuSundra currently resides in the Boston area with her husband and two children, and is Enrolled to Practice before the IRS.