The F Word – FEAR











The F Word – FEAR

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We’ve heard all the cute acronyms for Fear:

False Evidence Appearing Real, Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real, Forget Everything And Run, Forgetting Everything is All Right –

I’m truly over the acronyms, because they don’t really explain to you what fear is, why it happens, and how to deal with it.

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Fear and Faith require you to believe in the unknown. Click To Tweet

Fear – comes from Old English word that means danger.

Fear is an emotional response that historically kept us alive. We had fears of being a main course, or eating something that might kill us.

The body’s response to fear is to prepare for defense.

Our senses focus on the surrounding sights, sounds, and smells. Our visual acuity heightens. We listen for sounds that don’t belong. – This information is fed to the brain.

The amygdala is the brain’s threat center. It is always looking for danger – like Grug from The Croods.

If your brain senses danger, your body goes into fight or flight response.Your heart rate goes up. You start breathing faster. All the blood and oxygen goes to your large muscle groups. You need to fight or get away. Fear is more of flight mode.

Blood flow shifts to the major muscle groups. All unnecessary functions are shut off. Have you ever wondered why when you become afraid, you no longer have to pee?

When the threat goes away, our body’s systems go back to normal.

In our current times, our fears are being played like a fiddle. We have a heightened awareness of one small move. Unfortunately, fear takes away our rational thinking. If you ever wonder why people do stupid stuff in scary movies, it’s because they’re not thinking rationally.

Have you ever done something while you were extremely nervous, and then when things were calm, you asked ‘Why did I do that or say that?’

We still have this threat center; however, we don’t have the same fears we used to. We no longer have to worry about being dinner, yet we are still afraid.

Now that you know what fear is, you can make intelligent decisions on how to deal with it.

The thing about fear is that you’re preparing to defend yourself against something that hasn’t happened yet – the unknown.

Since we’re pretty sure that whatever you’re afraid of isn’t going to eat you – what is scary exactly?

Information, knowledge, and advice helps reduce your fear.

Write out what you want to do, and what you are afraid of. Write out:

I want to sell this product, but what scares me is rejection.

Is rejection going to kill you? No.

Seek out others who have done what you want to do. Do your own research. Get a mentor and gain sound advice.

Focus on the feeling you’d like to experience. If you stay focused on that, fear has no place to reside. Fix your eyes on all you have to gain.

Fear is a natural response. However, how we deal with fear is up to us. We don’t have to outrun fear. Susan Jeffers said,’ Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

I’ll leave you with this thought: Fear and Faith require you to believe in the unseen/unexperienced.

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